Formula helps with indoor enclosure cooling

By Control Engineering Staff June 30, 2006

Selecting the proper air conditioner for an indoor industrial enclosure is not necessarily difficult, but requires some basic information about operating conditions, according to ITS Enclosures . For indoor uninsulated metal enclosures, the following formula may be used to estimate cooling needs.

BTU/hr = ( Watts x 3.413) + (1.25 x area in ft sq x DT)

Watts is the total heat load inside the enclosure (sum of all heat-producing equipment).

Area is the total exposed surface area of the enclosure in square feet.

DT is the difference in temperature between the maximum expected degrees F temperature outside the enclosure and maximum desired temperature in degrees F temperature inside the enclosure.

ITS Enclosures offers the Proair Series CR air conditioners with NEMA 12 approval on all models; CE certification; and a unique condensate management system evaporates moisture from the enclosure and eliminates drain tubes, buckets, and wet floors. The series is functionally tested and uses environmentally safe refrigerant. High-capacity blowers are said to maximize airflow.

–Edited by Mark T. Hoske , Control Engineering editor in chief