Free direct digital synthesis IC evaluation tool

By Control Engineering Staff September 14, 2006

A Analog Devices Inc . aims to simplify the task of selecting, evaluating, and implementing direct digital synthesis (DDS) semiconductors for applications such as test and measurement equipment, and wireless and satellite communications. Using parametric data to mathematically model the general behavior of a selected DDS IC, the free tool allows designers to enter the desired operating conditions, evaluate the quality of the circuit’s sine wave, and view the resulting harmonic images. The ADIsimDDS tool is part of a suite of online evaluation tools available from the company.

Available to designers at no charge on Analog Devices’ Web site, the ADIsimDDS tool assists users in selecting, evaluating, and troubleshooting the company’s direct digital synthesis ICs. It lets designers to choose an IC and set general parameters, such as the desired reference clock frequency, output frequency, and number of reference clock multipliers required. Designers get a real-time representation of the circuit’s harmonic images and sine wave quality by observing the behavior of the DDS IC within these parameters.

The tool is especially effective for frequency planning, which helps minimize the complexity of the filter’s design, the company says. It can also troubleshoot potential problems, such as a circuit configuration leading to operational issues or the circuit degrading overall system performance.

The tool, which does not require a software download, is accessible in real-time by clicking here .

— C.G. Masi , senior editor, Control Engineering