Global industry approves revision of electrotechnical products requirements

Updated guide incorporates reporting of material content information across the global supply chain as required by REACH regulation.
By Control Engineering Staff May 20, 2009

The Consumer Electronics Association , DigitalEurope , and Japanese Green Procurement Survey Standardization Initiative announced the release of the “Joint Industry Guide – Material Composition Declaration for Electrotechnical Products – JIG-101 Ed. 2.0,” an industry materials

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declaration guide that facilitates reporting of material content information across the global electrotechnical supply chain. This document sets minimum requirements for a material declaration but does not preclude companies from inquiring about the presence of additional substances when necessary for their needs. It represents a substantial revision of its forerunner JIG-101A.
JIG- 101 Ed. 2.0 now addresses the most updated regulatory requirements that require supply chain disclosure of material content in electrotechnical products. In addition, the criteria for substances to be declared have been changed, now requiring broader industry consensus and allowing companies to act proactively.
A key law now incorporated in the JIG is the European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances (“REACH”) Regulation. Particularly, JIG now supports the supply chain and consumer communication obliged by REACH Article 33 and the preparation for notification according to REACH article 7.2. JIG-101 Ed. 2.0 also establishes a generic screening methodology to identify those substances addressed by the REACH regulation that are relevant for the electrotechnical industry supply chain disclosure.
Finally, it sets forth a regular maintenance cycle for updating the JIG on an annual basis, allowing the supply chain to prepare for a new release in the March/April timeframe each year.
The JIG can be downloaded at:

– Edited by David Greenfield , editorial director

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