Handheld Test and Measurement Equipment (April 2008 Product Research)

Research was undertaken to gain a better understanding of Control Engineering subscribers’ applications and needs regarding handheld test and measurement equipment.
By Control Engineering Staff April 30, 2008

Executive Summary

• Among those who specify, recommend, or buy handheld test and measurement equipment, 96% do so for in-plant requirements, while 19% do this for OEM needs.
• The most common application for handheld test and measurement equipment is continuous and batch processing.
• Eighty-three percent of respondents use handheld test and measurement equipment to measure electrical parameters. The next most prevalent purpose is to measure temperature.
• Analog voltage is the most commonly measured signal type, followed by 4-20 mA and electric current.
• Of those respondents who use handheld measurement and/or analytical equipment, more use multipurpose varieties than use single-purpose types. With calibration equipment, the usage level for single-purpose and multipurpose types are almost equal.
• Fluke tops the list of handheld test and measurement equipment manufacturers purchased from in the past 12 months.
• Nineteen percent of respondents expect their purchase of handheld test and measurement equipment will grow in the next 12 months, while only 13% expect a decline.
• Accuracy/repeatability is the most important factor to control engineering professionals when selecting handheld test and measurement equipment. Durability and “easy to use” round out the top three criteria.
• 77% of respondents mention their signals occupy 0– 20 kHz bandwidth with another 42% mentioning 20kHz – 2 MHz.
• The vast majority of respondents (89%) mention they specify multimeters, followed by 81% specifying temperature measuring instruments. Slightly more than half of respondents specify oscilloscopes.
• Forty-eight percent of Control Engineering subscribers responding do not receive Control Design. Sixty-one percent do not receive Control.

Handheld Test & Measurement Equipment Product Research