Help for engineers: 4 tips on working smarter, not longer offers engineering management tips. Story includes links to graphs, free download, more advice.

By Control Engineering Staff October 31, 2008

San Diego, CA – Working Smarter Management Series from lets you get more done and go home early. Management is a skill that has to be learned and four articles present strategies and tactics to improve business productivity and profits.

Working Smarter Management Series from

Tip 1 : The secret to successful management– The key is getting things organized (ideas, people, and projects) to get the work done on time and under budget. Organize ideas with a mind map. Learn why and how to create a mind map and use it to manage projects. Tip 2 : How to work better, not harder– Optimize operations with a process map. Learn how process maps can help, and how to create and use them to improve quality and productivity. Tip 3 : How to improve teamwork– Teams work more effectively when the roles and responsibilities of each member are clearly understood. Organize with a team chart. Learn how to create and use an org chart, and how to make and use a team chart. Tip 4 : The secret to on time and under budget– Projects get completed on time and under budget only when every task, and the time it takes, is properly identified and tracked. Manage work with a project chart and learn how to scope out a project with a mind map, as well as how to create a project chart and use it to more effectively manage work. See a mind map in

Thought patterns: How to innovate like Edison. provides five free graphics and a download link in a PDF .Also read:

10 tips to improve project management

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