How to choose air conditioners for industrial enclosures: Rittal

Rittal white paper discusses selection criteria for industrial enclosure air conditioners.
By Mark T Hoske March 24, 2010
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Control Engineering , Rittal

Choosing the right air conditioners for enclosures can have a tremendous impact on the overall performance and efficiency of industrial operations, says Rittal. Proper and efficient air conditioner cooling can be an asset for increased productivity and profitability by significantly prolonging the life of installed equipment, saving energy and utility costs, and protecting against unscheduled downtime, the company says.

Criteria to consider, according to Rittal, include:

– Internal heat loads;
– Methods used to rate the cooling capacity of enclosure air conditioners;
– Impact of ambient conditions (such as humidity, and energy efficiency);
– Air conditioner performance diagrams; and
– Sizing tools in relation to application requirements.

Rittal’s White Paper 305: Selecting Air Conditioners for Industrial Enclosures identifies different factors that should be considered when choosing air conditioners for industrial enclosures.

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– Edited by Mark T. Hoske, editor in chief, Control Engineering ,