I/O system adds pluggable connectors

Germantown, WI—Wago Corp. reports that its Wago-I/O-System has been expanded to offer pluggable connectors for I/O module wiring.

By Control Engineering Staff July 5, 2005

Germantown, WI— Wago Corp. reports that its Wago-I/O-System has been expanded to offer pluggable connectors for I/O module wiring. This new 753 Series allows users to implement pluggable wiring when harnessing the flexibility of its original 750 Series I/O System.

‘There is a growing trend in the industry for pluggable wiring of either part or all of the control system wiring,’ says Dean Norton, Wago’s marketing manager. ‘We first noticed this trend with our terminal block products and have now addressed this need with our fieldbus I/O and PLC products.’

Consquently, users can now pre-manufacture wiring harnesses using the 753 Series connectors, and simply plug them into the 753 Series I/O modules, which includes analog, digital, and special function modules. Wago adds this solution can help simplify installation, and reduce wiring errors in the field.

Additional features of this system include:

  • Compact size. Both the I/O module and the corresponding connector combined offer an overall dimension of 12 mm wide x 64 mm high x 100 mm deep, which is only 1 mm taller than the original 750 series I/O modules.

  • Tool-less operation. Built into both the connector and I/O module are orange pull-tabs that allow tool-less removal of the connector or the I/O module.

  • Built-in test points at every connection point allows fast, easy, and safe testing of the I/O. The test point is completely shrouded to hold and stabilize the test probe.

  • Integrated strain-relief supports the pre-harnessed cable, which ensures integrity of the connection between the connector and the I/O module are maintained.

  • Integrated coding allows up to 16 different coding possibilities. This prevents connectors from being plugged into the wrong I/O module. Also, a marking tag holder on both the connector and the I/O module further ensure the right connector is matched up with the right I/O module.

In addition, 753 Series pluggable I/O modules are 100% compatible with the original 750 Series I/O modules and bus-couplers. Consequently, users can mix 750 Series and 753 Series in the same I/O node. This allows users to choose whether to make all functions on the node pluggable, or use this feature to identify which modules are wired to devices internal to the control cabinet, such as contactors or relays, or external to it, such as sensors or actuators.

Control Engineering Daily News Desk
Jim Montague, news editor