iFIX 3.0 expands security and data integrity

Emerson Process Management's release of Intellution's iFIX 3.0 HMI/SCADA application expands iFIX's security, usability, and data integrity and traceability capabilities.

By Control Engineering Staff November 14, 2002

Foxborough, Mass. – Emerson Process Management’s release of Intellution’s iFIX 3.0 HMI/SCADA application expands iFIX’s security, usability, and data integrity and traceability capabilities. iFIX 3.0 adds point verification—a set of core functionality that requires users to enter username and password information each time a change is made to the HMI/SCADA application or to perform specific actions within the process.

Prompts for username and password is independent from the initial user login, thereby ensuring only authorized users can access specific functionality. Where and when point verification features are necessary is established during system configuration and, once defined, creates a detailed audit trail of ‘who did what, when they did it, and why it was done.’ Security enhancements make iFIX fully synchronized and configurable with standard Windows security, making iFIX application protection robust yet easy to administer. iFIX security completely controls access to operator displays, schedules and recipes, as well as access to critical program functionality-such as reloading or writing to the process database. New iFIX 3.0

Wizards are said to make development and deployment of applications simple and efficient. For environments where use of a physical keyboard is either inconvenient or difficult, Intellution has added an on-screen ”virtual keyboard,” enabling users to input data via touch screen, or other pointing devices. Leveraging ActiveX technology, iFIX 3.0 users can take advantage of a diverse array of third-party applications and enhance the functionality of their HMI/SCADA applications with maximized reliability and ease of use.

In addition to working with Microsoft Windows NT and 2000, iFIX 3.0 supports