Industrial computers: NEMA 4X touch screens in stainless steel enclosures

EnduraTouch series of NEMA 4X industrial computers

By Control Engineering Staff June 14, 2007

Medfield, MA – Comark Corp. announces the EnduraTouch series of NEMA 4X industrial computers.extreme temperatures, vibration, and caustic wash-downs are part of everyday operations.  

The EnduraTouch uses low power, high performance Intel Mobile processing technology and can be configured as either a thin client or a full workstation. Storage options include both solid-state compact flash and hard disk drives. Supported operating systems include Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Embedded XP, Windows CE and Linux. The EnduraTouch can be equipped with 802.11g wireless networking.

Comark Corporation says it has shipped more than 50,000 systems to Fortune 1000 companies in the industrial automation, military, building automation and self-service automation markets over the past 30 years.—Edited by Renee Robbins, Control Engineering editorial director