Lifetime achievement award given to well-known electric motor and generator designer

Dan Jones, electric motor and generator designer, was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Electric Motor Education and Research Foundation and the SMMA-Motors and Motion Association during the annual fall conference awards and dinner for the organizations on Nov. 5, 2014.

By CFE Media February 12, 2015

The Electronic Motor Education and Research Foundation in cooperation with the SMMA-Motors and Motion Association awarded its "Outstanding Contributions to the Electric Machines Industry" award to Dan Jones. He is the president and owner of Incremotion Associates and a well-known electric motor and generator design engineer. He was presented this lifetime achievement award at an annual fall conference awards dinner.

Dan Jones has worked in the motion control industry for more than 54 years. He has had his own consulting company, Incremotion Associates, for more than 32 years, where he has specialized in designing high-torque and high-power density brushless permanent magnet (PM) and brush PM motors, as well as high-efficiency induction motors and generators.

His motor designs range from 2 W to 500 W. Jones has written and presented more than 265 articles and papers on various elements in motion control in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. See some of his articles on advanced motor and servo designs, linked below.

– Edited by Eric R. Eissler, associate editor, Control Engineering, CFE Media, 

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