Light-touch keypads receive UL approval

By Control Engineering Staff May 16, 2006

Phoenix, AZ —SlimTouch keypad products from White Electronic Designs Corp. now carry the UL mark of approval from Underwriters Laboratories. The keypads reportedly are designed to create the light touch of capacitive touch switches at a fraction of the cost.

SlimTouch keypads from White Electronic Designs Corp., said to simulate the experience of a capacitive touch switch, now carry UL approval.

The devices make use of the manufacturer’s conductive ink switch technology, which uses a flexible overlay laminated to the switch circuitry. The result of low actuation force and short travel distance reportedly simulates the experience of a capacitive touch switch. SlimTouch construction also permits use of thicker overlay materials to provide a smooth glass-like finish or a brushed metallic finish for a stainless steel look.

Customization operations include printed overlay, keypad configuration, and interface electronics. Activation pads can be screened directly on the overlay or on an additional polyester layer. Keypad includes a pressure sensitive mounting adhesive.

— Control Engineering Daily News Desk Jeanine Katzel , senior editor