Linux, Windows link for new networking

By Control Engineering Staff March 7, 2001

Vancouver, British Columbia., Canada -Building on its deviceCOM for Microsoft Windows CE and NT, Intrinsyc’s new deviceCOM for Linux enables customers to use Windows at the enterprise level, while taking advantage of Linux benefits for embedded devices. Using Windows and Linux and bridging the enterprise and device levels, this represents a major step toward the development of multi-operating system solutions. Intrinsyc Software

Added information Intrinsyc deviceCOM was originally developed to provide distributed COM services on Microsoft Windows CE. In the course of licensing deviceCOM for Windows CE, Intrinsyc found that many industrial users were experiencing challenges in working with DCOM on Microsoft Windows NT; deviceCOM’s unique configurability helped solve these problems, the company says, and deviceCOM is now used frequently used in pure NT-based systems. Intrinsyc says deviceCOM still provides the only fully featured, binary compatible, distributed COM services for Windows CE and the best distributed COM services for OPC-based industrial systems. With deviceCOM for Linux, customers can now deploy OPC on Linux and maintain seamless integration with existing Microsoft Windows systems.

At a glance…

Links Linux devices to Microsoft Windows enterprise systems

Supports COM/DCOM

Optimized for Internet, wireless, legacy protocols

Ideal for OPC on Linux-based systems