Listen in: Temperature/humidity transmitters for critical applications

Many manufacturing processes require precise environmental control.

By Control Engineering Staff April 17, 2008

Humidity can be a critical process variable for many pharmaceutical, food, and coating applications. Testo offers a line of versatile, and above all, precise temperature and humidity sensors. ( Listen in: Click here to hear an explanation of the technology from Robert Bove, Testo product manager .)

The Testo 6681 temperature and humidity transmitter family is specially designed for maximum performance in all critical HVAC facility control applications. Testo’s proven RH sensor technology is at home in demanding pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor and environmental control applications. The company says the series delivers reliable performance, tighter HVAC temperature and humidity control, less drift from set points, and reduced operating costs. Standard RH accuracy is

Sensor probes are interchangeable and simplify maintenance because all calibration adjustments are saved in the probe, not the transmitter. P2A (parameter setting adjustment and analysis) software combines transmitter set up, calibration-adjustment, and service/operating history records by serial number.

Testo’s “early warning system” alerts operators of sensor problems before readings go beyond set points. Standard output communication is via 4-20 mA analog, or Profibus DP via a field upgradable module.

—Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor, ,
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