Metering solution adds accuracy to gas measurement, document use

By Control Engineering Staff September 15, 2005

A fiscal metering solution for oil and gas companies is helping Shell Exploration and Production Co. measure and document with increased accuracy the amount of gas its North Cormorant platform in the North Sea imports from the Western Leg Pipeline. The system, MeterSuite from Honeywell , will be used in conjunction with Honeywell’s Experion Process Knowledge System to optimize platform operations.

MeterSuite measures gas and liquid product flows between companies with accuracy, making it easier to document and calculate appropriate tax payments. The system integrates with distributed control systems to generate more accurate, manageable data and centralize calculations so that they are more transparent to operators, partners, and regulatory authorities. It includes calculations for relevant AGA and ISO standards. All types of fiscal meters can be interfaced, including orifice, turbine, and ultrasonic. Calculations run inside a general-purpose process controller, Honeywell’s C200.

Integration with Experion allows advanced database maintenance, graphics building, trending, management reporting, and Web-based intranet access. The systems have digital I/O capabilities and integrate with FOUNDATION Fieldbus and HART. The project is slated for completion summer 2006. The installation represents the first application of the fiscal metering solution, introduced in summer 2004.

—Jeanine Katzel, senior editor, Control Engineering,