Most popular: Top 20 Control Engineering stories of 2006

By Control Engineering Staff January 9, 2007

Oak Brook, IL —The top 20 most popular Control Engineering articles of 2006 follow below, according to monthly rank of the number of times they were accessed at . Thanks for reading!

1. Weblog Project: Baton Rouge Wastewater Pump Station SCADA System 11. Servo Motors
2. Measure More…Without Wires 12. U.S. government launches nanotechnology center
3. Power Monitoring 13. Chipless RFID tags show increasing application
4. Controllers: All you needed to know about PLCs, but didn’t know who to ask 14. Wrist-worn PC said to ‘revolutionize’ computer use
5. Auto-Tuning Control Using Ziegler-Nichols 15. CNC Programming
6. Brushless PM Motors: ‘Big’ on Power, Efficiency 16. Real-time operating system to run safety-critical aircraft display
7. Linux helps Navy keep high-tech weapon system updated 17. Test facility opens for solar-powered water treatment
8. Skilled worker shortage: New program seeks to provide training 18. Industrial Ethernet Protocols
9. Need speed? Is there a delta robot in your future? 19. Goodbye Windows NT
10. Seal of Approval Best Technologies of 2005 20. Automation Fair: Pharma engineer rates PLC system over DCS

Pre-2006 favorites
Leading articles of prior years include:

Loop Tuning Fundamentals

How to read P&IDs (piping and instrumentation diagrams; Resource Center registration required)

Relay Ladder Logic (Resource Center registration required)

Process Controller Tuning Guidelines

Basics of Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control

Last year’s favorites
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Here’s a disclaimer to explain the tyranny of numbers. Rankings are based on the top 10 articles each month in 2006, therefore articles later in the year have less of a chance (fewer months to sum). Ranking also doesn’t offer any credit for large popularity spikes or for months when a whole lot of clicking was going on, since 10 was still the highest value assigned within a month (1 was the least). Also it’s conceivable that an article ranked in the top 12 every month, and the sum of clicks might have displaced others on the list in a count of clicks, but we only summed the rank of top 10 finishers monthly.

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