Nanotechnology software consortium gains additional manufacturing support

By Control Engineering Staff October 13, 2005

Accelrys , a provider of scientific software for discovery and development of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and materials, has named several new members to its nanotechnology consortium. The goal of the consortium is to create new software tools to help companies bring nanoproducts to market more quickly and with less risk.

The Motley Fool investment—advice Web site, , reports that Millennium Chemical, a subsidiary of Lyondell, and PPG Industries are two of the new manufacturing members. Motley Fool cites Millennium Chemicals’ work with titanium dioxide nanoparticles—which can soak up and neutralize nitrogen oxide gases produced by car exhaust and manufacturing operations—as evidence of the advanced support Acclerys’ nanotechnology consortium continues to receive from the manufacturing industries.

Other manufacturers involved in the consortium include: Corning, Fujitsu, Johnson Matthey, Schenectady International, and Fraunhofer IFAM.

—David Greenfield, editorial director, Control Engineering