New GUI boosts ERP speed, performance

By Control Engineering Staff November 10, 2006

El Segundo, CA —A new graphical user interface (GUI) developed by Glovia International, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Ltd. , is now part of the company’s extended ERP solution, The GUI is said to heighten the level of clarity significantly, accelerate the speed of navigation, and improve control of information flow in the latest version of the system: v9. The enhanced ERP reportedly enhances the legacy interface, creating an aesthetically pleasing, easy to use GUI said to boost system use and acceptance, and improve the learning curve.

“The new GUI in v9 brings a myriad of technological enhancements, all of which are designed to bridge the gap between the user and the system,” said Navin Goel, vice president of products for Glovia International. “We worked very closely with our customers to make sure the new GUI enhancements provide functionality that will help users increase system utilization and improve management of their operations.”

Enhancements fall into five areas:

  • Clear labels: Abbreviations are replaced with spelled-out labels, and acronyms have been removed except where they are industry standards. Users will not have to learn a new language to use and navigate the system effectively.

  • General function redesign: Functions have been “flattened” to eliminate the need to drill down to reach needed information. The improvement gives users clearer visibility and more immediate access to destination sites to increase information flow and control.

  • Tab support: Organizing information into a common tab-format instead of the legacy button-window approach gives the user interface a new look and feel, cuts down on navigation time, and makes the system easier to use.

  • Mouse-over help: Moving the cursor over strategic areas on a screen now displays help/tips.

  • PDF integration: PDF-based documents can now be made and stored directly into the Oracle database with no loss of quality or security.

—Control Engineering Daily News Desk
Jeanine Katzel , senior editor