New resources: Podcasts and a webcast for regulated manufacturers

By Control Engineering Staff August 1, 2007

If your operation falls under FDA regulation or you have regular contact with food or pharmaceutical companies, you might want to check out two podcasts and a webcast aimed right at those critical industries. Two podcasts recorded at the Interphex show and a webcast discussing good manufacturing processes under the FDA are available at the Control Engineering Website .

Webcast: Good Manufacturing Practices —Successfully producing sellable products on a global market can be achieved by producing them according to the rules of Good Manufacturing Practice. This webcast will help you understand the meaning of GMP and how such practices can be implemented at your plant.

Podcast: specialists talk to Peter Welander about pharmaceutical manufacturing under the PAT initiative.

Podcast: talk to Peter Welander about strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

All these resources are just a click away.

—Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor, , Control Engineering Weekly News