New software: Distillation and absorber column modeling package

By Control Engineering Staff March 7, 2007

Mynah Technologies has expanded its offering of process simulation software with its new MiMiC Distillation Modeling Package. This tool is designed to help in control strategy development, testing, control loop tuning, and optimization of distillation systems. It reportedly provides accurate process models to save time and cost for new capital projects and improvements to existing units.

The MiMiC Distillation Modeling Package is built primarily for process automation system software acceptance testing and operator training. It provides tools for simulating distillation and absorber columns, including:

  • Accurate dynamics for distillation simulation;

  • Configuration wizard tool;

  • Data visualization tools; and,

  • Integration with process automation systems using MiMiC simulation tags.

The distillation column object provides dynamic models for full-scale column configuration, including reboiler, condenser, and reflux receiver. The configurable options allow model creation with a range of functionality and complexity parameters for particular applications.

Click here to see a recorded e-seminar on the MiMiC Distillation Modeling Package.

Control Engineering daily news desk
Peter Welander , process industries editor