nuBridges, eSense Retail give inventory data via EDI, online dashboard

Packaged goods manufacturing and retail industries targeted as nuBridges Exchange Network delivers product SKU inventory data via secure EDI to eSENSE Retail's online dashboard, for retailer buying behavior and sales trend analysis.

August 20, 2009

Atlanta, GA -nuBridges completed a cooperative marketing agreement with point-of-sale analytics company eSense Retail Corp. nuBridges and eSense Retail will collaborate to provide packaged goods manufacturers with a secure means to transmit confidential product SKU information to an online web portal that provides a customized dashboard to analyze retail customer buying behavior and sales trends. The Aug. 19 development makes it easier for retailers to transmit point-of-sale information to manufacturers. Having that information gives manufacturers a faster view of what goods are selling, so they should be able to better gauge when they will get new orders for specific goods and how big those orders might be.

nuBridges Exchange Network (formerly EDI*Net) is a managed service that electronically exchanges any type of document (EDI, XML, any file) with trading partners while managing one data connection.

nuBridges says its solutions make it safer and easier for large and medium-sized enterprises to exchange information internally and externally, and to protect that information wherever it rests in the data flow. The nuBridges Exchange Network supports more than 36,000 trading partner relationships.

eSense Retail provides manufacturers and retailers with a powerful online dashboard that enables them to proactively manage, monitor and report on product SKUs at any level. Manufacturers gain immediate insight into product performance using key performance indicators derived from POS (point-of-sale) data. Both nuBridges Exchange Network and the eSense Retail Dashboard are delivered on a subscription basis for affordability and quick ramp-up. Each company will introduce the others’ complementary solution to their customer and prospect communities.

"nuBridges is an industry expert in secure electronic data interchange (EDI) data transfer and storage," said Jeff Burdick, President, eSense Retail Corp. "With nuBridges Exchange Network taking care of transmitting product SKU data from their retail partners for analysis, our customers can be assured the data will remain secure and intact when it is delivered for a smooth feed into our online dashboard for analysis."

Retailers and their manufacturer trading partners commonly use EDI to communicate and exchange important business data such as purchase orders, invoices and advance ship notices. EDI 852 is a standard data format used to transmit SKU activity data. nuBridges Exchange Network supports the EDI 852 to securely transmit retailer POS information and translate it into a format compatible with the eSense dashboard.

"There is a tremendous amount of synergy between nuBridges and eSense Retail that our joint customers can leverage to increase their top line sales and grow market share," said Kim Addington, CMO for nuBridges. "eSense Retail has a deep understanding of what packaged goods manufacturers need to know in order to maximize sales opportunities with retailers and we know how to transmit and store POS data securely."

The nuBridges Exchange Network-eSense Retail Dashboard solution is available to manufacturers with a monthly subscription and takes approximately two weeks to set up.

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– Edited by Mark T. Hoske, electronic products editor, MBT