PackExpo 2003: Sick’s non-contact control unit safeguards machinery

Las Vegas. NV—Sick Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) launched its new control unit, RE4000, for safeguarding larger, more complicated machinery on Oct. 12 at PackExpo 2003.

By Control Engineering Staff October 16, 2003

Las Vegas. NV— Sick Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) launched its new control unit for safeguarding larger, more complicated machinery on Oct. 12 at PackExpo 2003. The RE4000 control unit is combined with Sick’s RE300 safety switch system to offer machine builders and users more operator safeguarding; improved guard monitoring; and easier machine integration. This combination also increases reliability for complex machines by using multiple guard interlock functions and more dual-channel levels of safety at a reduced cost per door. Sick is a global provider of factory and process automation solutions.

RE4000 improves on functions of Sick’s magnetically coded RE300 system to deliver non-contact reliability; protection against defeat by tampering; and failsafe operation. The unit achieves this with individual monitoring of up to six safety interlocks, each with its own status indication, from one control unit. RE4000 also uses RE300’s ability to accept misalignment of its actuator and sensor, which means that the safety switch can make allowances for guards when they go out-of-line due to wear.

Sick adds that machine builders and end-users will benefit from RE4000’s flexibility in machine safety circuit design. For example, by adding a time-delay output, RE4000 can become manually adjustable between 0-15 seconds. This time-delay function expands the capabilities of RE300 by providing an additional output signal that can be used for emergency stopping, under control, mechanical interlock switches, and for interfacing with PLCs and industrial PC controllers. This functionality is further complemented by the provision of the six inputs. These enable the RE300 to function in true dual-channel safety systems, providing added levels of operator safeguarding, and the ability to replace a safety relay.

Finally, RE4000 has the highest safety rating, with CAT 4 approval based on EN 954-1, as well as TUV and cULus approvals.

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Jim Montague, news editor