Pittcon 2006: Spectrometer for industrial applications

By Control Engineering Staff March 21, 2006
Bruker AXS Inc. introduced its S8 Tiger x-ray spectrometer for high-performance elemental analysis in process and quality control at Pittcon 2006 in Orlando last week.

Orlando, FL —S8 Tiger x-ray spectrometer for high-performance elemental analysis in industrial applications from Bruker AXS Inc . is a high-end system that complements the company’s S4 and S2 lines of XRF systems. Instrument analyzes all elements from beryllium to uranium in a wide variety of sample types. It is designed for demanding use in industrial process and quality control and as an elemental analysis tool in research and development departments.
Features include TouchControl and SampleCare, which combine ease of use and reliability with analytical performance. TouchControl is said to minimize training time. It uses an integrated touchscreen and dedicated user interface to enable operation by untrained users after only brief instructions. SampleCare feature automatically recognizes liquid samples. Its integrated protection seal guides the device against contamination. Together, the features are said to provide fail-safe operation and fast return on investment.
Instrument uses optimized x-ray optics. High-intensity x-ray tube excites the sample efficiently. Novel analyzer crystals have been developed for different elements and specific applications to improve detection limits, precision, and resolution. It comes in a compact, attractive design.
S8 Tiger was one of several instruments introduced by Bruker AXS at Pittcon 2006. The 57th Pittsburgh Conference and Exposition on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy was held last week in Orlando, FL. Click here for more on Pittcon.

—Control Engineering Daily News Desk
Jeanine Katzel, senior editor, jkatzel@reedbusiness.com