PLM software: Enhanced search, XML export options

PDXpert PLM 2008 Edition from Active Sensing, Inc. (ASI)

By Control Engineering Staff November 15, 2007

ERP) systems. A PLMX data file combines XML-based product properties with related computer-aided design (CAD) and other product data files which are compressed (“zipped”) into a simple and flexible package that can be exchanged with supply chain partners.
Office Excel .xls and .csv. Customized reports can be added to PDXpert 2008 by combining PLMX data with XML-based Report Definition Language Client-side (RDLC) directives. ASI can meet customers’ ERP import and reporting requirements through a new service to create specialized XSLTs and RDLCs.
anagement through an improved “hands-off” self-installation; server-side workflow email settings; software updates using client-side auto-detection, download and installation; and Microsoft Vista compatibility.