Pneumatic semi-rotary vane drive with sealed housing

Festo’s pneumatic semi-rotary vane drive and matched contactless position sensor feature sealed housing.

By Festo August 12, 2016

Festo’s pneumatic semi-rotary vane drive features SRBS position sensor, and sealed housing to keep dust and debris out of the bushings. Standard swivel angles for the DRVS semi-rotary drive are 90-, 180-, and 270-deg. At six bar pressure, the seven different sizes in the DRVS line deliver a torque range of .15 to 20 Nm. The SRBS, a contactless magnetic position sensor, attaches to the DRVS via a single cable and three screws. Repetition accuracy is < .0039-in. Through its push button, the SRBS position sensor can be designated PNP or NPN and NO or NC.


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