Pneumatics, motor and drive units for food industry on display

Festo displayed its new line of motor/drive units, pneumatic valves and manifolds, and process automation components at Pack Expo 2014, as demonstrated in a video.

By Festo November 21, 2014

At Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago, Festo had guests mesmerized by its giant 3D printed flying dragonfly and mechanical swimming jellyfish. However, the company was not there to just entertain, Frank Langro, director of marketing and product management was there to represent the company and its latest products. He said, "This year’s lineup of solutions is particularly strong in terms of clean design."

IP65 motor/drive unit

With standard stainless-steel shaft, IP65 protection class rating and food-grade lubrication, the MTR-ECI motor/drive unit can handle a wide range of motion, actuation applications and environments. The stainless steel gives it a strong character of clean design. Furthermore, its cabinet-free design is suited for on-machine mounting and quick, accurate positioning during product changeover, adjustments to conveyers, paper or foil cutting and other related applications. A key feature is that MPA-C valve terminal meets the requirements for protection class IP69K and CRC4 for high corrosion resistance. It is FDA compliant and features a NSF-H1 food-grade lubricant. This unit is geared toward the food industry, but could have other applications. 

Solenoid and pneumatic valve and manifold series

The new VS series of valves and valve manifolds is suitable for use in automation applications where a cost-effective, universal solution with high-flow rates is optimal. Features include: lightweight design, compact dimensions, pre-assembled and ready-to-install units fitted with silencers, fitting, and coils. 

Process automation

At the expo, Festo displayed a large collection of pilot valves, I/O, hygienic ball valves and positioners, and HMI. Festo’s advanced diagnostic-module controllers are able to interface with any PLC or DCS platform or communicate directly with a process control or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.

– Edited by Eric R. Eissler, content manager, CFE Media, Control Engineering,


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