Pressure instrument: Programmable sensor/switch with wide operating range

By Control Engineering Staff January 17, 2008

has introduced a new programmable pressure instrument that can be programmed to operate as an analog sensor with one switch point, or with two switch points and no analog output. This choice is user programmable and the same unit can operate in either mode as the application demands.

According to the company, when operating in the analog sensor mode, the unit offers a 4-20 mA analog output and one switch point. It includes an onboard display and can provide readings in pounds per square inch, bar, inches of water, feet of water, millibar, inches of mercury, meters of water, and kilograms per square centimeter. The user chooses the display most relevant to the application.

When operating in pressure switch mode, the switch points are PNP/NPN programmable.

“Turck sensors with ranges from 1 to 40 bar had their ranges extended to -1 bar,” notes Melissa Henning, sensor division product specialist. “This allows the switch point or analog start point to be programmed in the vacuum range to detect pressure in a positive pressure unit if the application requires it.”

The sensor’s stainless steel construction provides an IP67 protection rating, with rotating and non-rotating housings available. A UV resistant cover for use in outdoor applications is also available.

—Edited by Peter Welander, process industries editor, ,
Control Engineering Daily News desk

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