PROFInet Update for September 2003

By Control Engineering Staff September 22, 2003

First three PROFINET Products Certified

FIRST THREE PROFInet PRODUCTS NOW CERTIFIED. The first certified PROFInet products include a PROFInet Gateway from Hilscher, an Industrial Ethernet/PROFIBUS link from Siemens and a PROFInet Communications Processor, also from Siemens. These new products are finalized and have been completely certified. They can be utilized now, making PROFInet a step closer to complete implementation.

The new Hilscher PKV50 PROFInet Gateway connects the Internet/Ethernet world with the harsh industrial environment of established fieldbus technology by integrating fieldbus devices into a PROFInet network. It is available with a PROFIBUS-DP Master, DeviceNet Master or CANopen Master interface. The PKV50 consists of a Master interface connection, allowing standardized fieldbus systems to exchanges data between connected I/O devices and internal process data memory. This data can be accessed for reading and writing by means of TCP/IP telegrams. The Microsoft Windows CE operating system is used on the Gateway. Here, further tasks, such as SoftPLCs, are simply added in order to incorporate extensions of the functions. The development system is economical to build, and many engineers are familiar with the development environment. All interfaces are open so that experienced users can also bring their own applications into use on the Gateway.

The new Siemens Simatic Net IE/PB Link is an autonomous component that provides a compact, seamless gateway between Industrial Ethernet and PROFIBUS networks. The IE/PB Link is programmed via Industrial Ethernet using the new Simatic iMAP engineering software and allows remote programming of Simatic S7 stations connected to PROFIBUS via Industrial Ethernet, or access to the visualization data of S7 stations, allowing multivendor, plant-wide engineering. It can be used as a proxy for the PROFInet devices of an entire PROFIBUS segment, enabling access to the data of the field devices via Industrial Ethernet or over the Internet. Connection to Industrial Ethernet is made at a data rate of 10 and 100 Mbits in full duplex mode with autosensing and with automatic changeover. PROFIBUS segments with data rates of 9.6 Kbits to 12 Mbits can be connected to the Link, including the 45.45 Kbits data rate for PROFIBUS PA devices.

The new Siemens Simatic Net CP 343-1 PN Communications Processor is used for connecting the Simatic S7-300 PLC to PROFInet. Using the Simatic Net PROFInet OPC Server PC software, the user can implement PROFInet solutions with programs such as C++ or Visual Basic. PC users can now easily access the data of a Simatic S7-300 via Industrial Ethernet using IT standards and the OPC interface. Connection is via Industrial Ethernet at a data rate of 10 and 100 Mbits in full duplex mode and with autosensing with automatic changeover. In addition to the new PROFInet services, the PG/OP, S7 and S5 Communication services are also available, as well as remote programming over the network. This assures compatibility with the installed base as PC users who can access the data of a Simatic S7-300 via Industrial Ethernet using IT standards and an OPC interface.

PROFInet is a modern standard for distributed automation standards and is based on Ethernet. It integrates existing fieldbus systems, specifically PROFIBUS, simply and without change. The use of established Ethernet-based IT technologies allows the connection of the automation/plant level with the corporate management level, including the direct exchangeability of order and production data. Internet connectivity can make it possible to initiate orders and carry out remote servicing and maintenance measures.

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