Project: Baton Rouge Wastewater Pump Station SCADA System (Feb. 6, 2006)

By Control Engineering Staff February 6, 2006

February 6, 2006

Last week, we spent some time for some trouble shooting at the test pump station. The pump station was having trouble sending 4-20 mA speed reference signal from the PLC to the VFDs (variable frequency drives). The PLC was bypassed and the current signal was sent from the main control panel directly to the 3 variable frequency drives. The VFDs ran fine if external source gave the current signal. Our analysis showed that the controller had some trouble and it could not generate the required current signal. To test the controller, it was isolated and it gave correct current values at its output card when tested. We are in touch with the PLC manufacturer to help us troubleshoot the problem. We should be able to get a solution to it soon.

We are seeing some immediate advantages of the SCADA system. The problem described above was determined by our regular monitoring of the system since installation. Problems like failing of pumps due to controller or wiring errors can be eliminated in the earlier stages and hence expensive equipments like drives and pumps can be protected from damage. Moreover, timely intervention by the management personnel can help prevent production downtime in any industrial environment.

Our public access period finished last week. We did not get messages of any major troubles accessing the site. This has definitely boosted our confidence in the system that we designed. We are sure that the customers shall be happy to manage their systems more efficiently and in a timely fashion from any corner of the world.