Project: Baton Rouge Wastewater Pump Station SCADA System (March 28, 2006)

By Control Engineering Staff March 29, 2006

Still no word on PLC and local HMI vendor selection. We think they have decided but haven’t made it public yet.

Still no word on scheduling a graphics review meeting to confirm acceptance of the SCADA screens and layout for the first booster station. This is required before we proceed with cutover of the remaining 12 stations.

Still no word on a Phase II contractor notice to proceed. This is the portion of the project that includes building the control panels and installing them. My conversation today with the general contractor indicates that it has gotten very difficult for him, too, to get qualified people to man jobs. This situation started after hurricanes Katrina and Rita. It is expected to continue for years, due to the resulting huge demand for contract labor in South Louisiana and Mississippi. With higher costs to complete the job, an electrical subcontractor facing the same labor issues, and uncertainty regarding the desired layout of the panels, this phase may be headed for re-engineering and a rebid.

So, we are largely at a standstill waiting for others.

We completed the previously mentioned budgetary review of our portion of this project. The current projection from the engineer is that the project completion date will be delayed 1 year. We have requested adjustments to our contract for labor rate increases, extended mobilization, additional hardware and services as well as testing of the new PLC/HMI combination.