ProSense pressure sensor family expands operating range

AutomationDirect's line of sensors and switches cover a wider scope of possible applications.

By Control Engineering Staff January 22, 2009

AutomationDirect has extended the ProSense line of pressure sensors and switches to widen the sensing ranges available, especially at the low end.

The series now includes pressure switches with adjustable setpoints from 0 to 5,800 psi, as well as gage pressure sensors with ranges from 0-15 to 0-3,000 psi. Sensor transmitters offer output options of 4-20 mA or 0-10 V. New sensors with a measuring range of 0 to 100 inches of water column have also been added.

ProSense pressure sensors use either capacitive or strain gauge technology depending on the range. Pressure switches are solid-state with no moving parts, to avoid potential maintenance issues with springs and mechanical contacts.

AutomationDirect says its devices are smaller than many competitive units thanks to flexible film circuitry. Where transmitters used to depend on bulky rigid printed circuit boards, these new units are built with flexible substrates that can literally be rolled up in a small stainless steel enclosure.

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