RFID Smart Labels USA 2006

By Control Engineering Staff January 27, 2006

RFID impacts many areas; thousands of companies supply RFID solutions, yet the industry is just evolving:

  • Some applications are vastly oversupplied, with little product value offered;

  • Others are undersupplied, despite user requests for high value tags;

  • East Asia likely will become the largest RFID market, yet few know of what is really happening there;

  • Many large niches exist with few appropriately experienced system-providers;

  • Most do not know of the largest and most profitable RFID orders as well as those that are emerging, and who is placing them;

  • The 10 different types of chipless RFID technologies and the dozens of companies developing them are not well known;

  • Nor is the impact or profitability of active RFID widely appreciated;

  • How are RFID smart labels made to meet demand;

  • How is value added to RFID smart labels to generate sales today; and

  • What is coming next that impacts investing in RFID?

IDTechEx’s fifth annual RFID event, RFID Smart Labels USA 2006, is aimed at tackling these issues, with experts from China, Korea, Japan, the Middle East and Europe participating, describing the global situation. The meeting will cover new opportunities from users and step-by-step implementation approaches. Sessions will be dedicated to developments in chipless RFID, active RFID—now merging with WiFi and ZigBee—and passive chip RFID, such as new long range HF systems. The event will address areas such as manufacture of RFID smart labels, added value and smart labels beyond ID alone. Attendees will have access to over 1,700 RFID case-studies from IDTechEx’s knowledge base, journal, and encyclopaedia. Some 50 speakers are expected to address over 500 delegates.

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Richard Phelps , senior editor, Control Engineering