Rockwell medium voltage drive developer wins award

Integrated DC choke invention earns Zargari innovator of the year honors.

By Renee Robbins October 8, 2009

The Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation has named the Rockwell Automation inventor of

Dr. Navid Zargari, manager of medium voltage development, Rockwell Automation

A manager of medium voltage development at Rockwell Automation, Zargari was a major contributor in developing the transformerless medium voltage motor drive, a technology that is helping increase energy efficiency and reliability to achieve sustainability in industries such as oil and gas, power utilities, mining and cement, and water/wastewater.

Along with Dr. Bin Wu of Toronto’s Ryerson University, and Steve Rizzo and Yuan Xiao of Rockwell Automation, Zargari co-invented the integrated DC choke for the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 medium voltage (up to 34,000 horsepower/22.5 MW) drive. The patented, integrated DC choke helps eliminate the need for an isolation transformer to mitigate common mode voltages. This helps companies reduce manufacturing costs by 20-25% per drive, as well as reduce overall operating costs.

The DC choke also helps improve sustainability by increasing drive efficiency by nearly 40%, and creates a smaller footprint than the previous generation of medium voltage drives by decreasing drive size and weight by nearly 30%.

"Navid led the research, development and technology transfer as the senior design engineer on the PowerFlex 7000 project team," says Steve Rizzo, manager, Medium Voltage Drives. "His groundbreaking work has helped us grow medium voltage sales significantly with growth rates in the double digits year over year."

The $200,000 grant will be used toward preliminary technology development and a feasibility study for wind energy conversion systems.

For more information on the integrated DC choke from Rockwell Automation, visit the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 7000 Direct-to-Drive technology Web page .

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– Edited by Renee Robbins, senior editor
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