RTU logs data to USB devices

Control Microsystems has introduced USB storage devices, including flash "thumb drives" for data logging in SCADA applications.
By Control Engineering Staff July 10, 2008

Control Microsystems (Kanata, Ontario Canada) has introduced what it says is the industry’s first use of USB storage devices for data logging in the demanding environments of SCADA applications. Walk-up SCADA uses removable USB storage devices such as flash memory sticks to enable Control Microsystems’ SCADAPack 300-Series controllers to provide configured and accessible data logs. “This product allows for quick and easy data import via a populated USB device that is connected to any PC running our SCADALog Data Converter utility,” says Dale Symington, vice president of product strategy.

In addition to logging data to a pre-connected USB mass storage device directly, this new feature also allows for automatic transfer of logged files on internal memory when a USB stick is inserted in the controller. In systems requiring high power efficiency, the USB port is powered-down and the data is first logged directly to controller RAM.

Control Microsystems is a global supplier of automation products for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. The company makes the SCADAPack advanced controller series, the SCADASense intelligent sensors series, and SCADAWave data radio products, as well as ClearSCADA, a SCADA host system that provides open architecture for use in any application.

Support for data logging to USB mass storage devices is provided by the SCADAPack 330/334 and by the SCADAPack 350/357 with firmware upgrade to version 1.41.th, 2008.

–Edited by Renee Robbins, Senior editor, renee.robbins@reedbusiness.com ,
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