Small scale linear encoder for limited space applications

Numerik Jena's LIK 41 optical linear encoder is designed for motion feedback applications where space is limited and is designed to work in the semiconductor, medical, metrology, and automation industries.

By Numerik Jena May 18, 2015

Numerik Jena’s LIK 41 optical linear encoder is designed for motion feedback applications where space is limited. The scanning unit has a low height profile and the graduation carrier has two ways of mounting and has many length options. The linear encoder is designed to work in the semiconductor, medical, metrology, and automation industries. The LIK 41 encoder scales have a graduation of 20µm with lengths up to 30 m. The scale can be mounted with Singleflex and Doubleflex. Singleflex is mounted directly to the machine axis with a specially engineered adhesive on the back; Doubleflex is used when high accuracy is required for mounting a scale. A base metal layer is affixed to the axis of motion via a pin on the left side of the scale, and an oil film and another metal layer with the graduation imprinted rests on top of the base metal tape.

The thin oil film allows for free thermal growth with low friction. The scanning units on the LIK 41 are small in size with a height dimension of only 6mm. They contain an excellent electrical shielding scheme so they can be mounted close to motors in the application. The scanning units can be programmed once installed to the linear scale to maximize the signal quality and build in signal margin for long life of the machine operation.

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