Software making motion control more friendly; free demo download

By Control Engineering Staff February 23, 2006
Technosoft’s EasyMotion Studio includes a task confirmation feature that sends messages to the user about status of the drives and motors network.

Setup, tuning, and programming software for drives/motors is growing in importance. One indication comes from a recent Control Engineering Product Research survey on servo motors (to appear in the March 2006 issue), where respondents rated software for setup/tuning as the most important performance feature in selecting their motors. Technosoft SA has announced a new addition to software designed for drives/motors setup and motion programming. EasyMotion Studio reportedly enhances the ability of the company’s products to execute complex motions using a built-in motion controller instead of an external unit.
EasyMotion Studio allows faster, more accurate control of Technosoft motors with a 100-
Setup and motion programming tasks are separately developed in EasyMotion Studio to benefit the user: EasySetUp for drive/motor setup and Motion Wizard for motion programming. “Output of EasySetUp is a collection of setup data downloadable to a drive/motor EEPROM or saved on a PC. At power-up, the setup data are used for initialization,” explains the company.
Motion Wizard provides a simple, graphical way to create motion programs written in Technosoft Motion Language (TML). It automatically generates TML instructions; users don’t need to learn or write TML code. TML language is said to simplify complex applications, by distributing intelligence between the master and drives/motors. “Instead of trying to command each step of an axis motion from the master, it’s possible to program drives/motors to execute complex tasks, and to inform the master when tasks have been completed,” adds Technosoft.
Click here to download a free demo version of EasyMotion Studio and EasySetUp module.

Frank J. Bartos, executive editor, Control Engineering,