Software test: LDRA Version 7.7 requirements traceability tool suite

Company says requirements traceability tool suite updates programming standards, conformance.
By Control Engineering Staff September 25, 2008

San Bruno, CA LDRA launched the LDRA tool suite v7.7. LDRA Testbed, the foundation of the LDRA tool suite, which the company says has extended its programming-standards and code coverage up to DO-178B Level A certification. The company says this is an essential certification level for the avionics sector.
This latest version is said to the company’s requirements traceability tool, TBreq v2.2, and TBvision, a tool designed to increase visibility for industry standards compliance, security vulnerability, and defect and fault detection. The integrations enable the tool suite to verify all aspects of software development from requirements through run time while easy-to-read graphical reports and other enhancements boost development team productivity.
During software development, requirements traceability, static analysis, dynamic analysis, and testing strategies contribute significantly to software quality and fault reduction. The company says that, with the additional requirements traceability and graphical reporting in the tool suite, developers and testers have a mature integrated product, capable of identifying faults earlier in the development process and of tracking project requirements.
With faults minimized, fault handling at run-time secures safety-critical software from unforeseen events that can creep in during the operation of complex software applications.
C.G. Masi , senior editor
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