Technology reduces display ‘squint factor’

By Control Engineering Staff December 8, 2005

A new technology is helping reduce “squint factor,” the problem of viewing monitors exposed to high ambient light conditions. V-Bond from VarTech Systems is a solid, transparent bond that optically couples the front cover glass or touchscreen directly to the face of a display, all but eliminating the reflection from the two internal layer interfaces.

The technology is said to make degradation of monitor displays from poor lighting conditions a problem of the past. The material reduces reflective loss by two-thirds, compared to a separate cover glass, with no special treatment to the outer surface. In demanding applications, a front surface can be treated with anti-reflective material as well to reduce reflective loss by more than 90%. With a reduction of this magnitude, a 300-500-nit brightness display can be viewed under most daylight conditions.

V-Bond reportedly maintains display uniformity while providing shock and humidity protection and eliminating fogging caused by trapped moisture that accumulates in typical air-gap assemblies. Commercial and industrial LCD monitors are available using the technology.

—Jeanine Katzel, senior editor, Control Engineering,