Two new servo actuators apply harmonic drive; on display at Hannover Fair

By Control Engineering Staff March 1, 2000

Peabody, Mass. -Two servo actuator products, recently announced by Harmonic Drive Technologies, apply the features of a harmonic drive element to advantage.

ChamberLink combines a servo actuator and rotary feedthrough device in one package for precise control of motion in a vacuum chamber. The harmonic drive element mounts to the chamber structure. It forms the interface between the motor and input parts on the chamber’s ambient side and the geared output shaft on the vacuum side. Vacuum leakage is eliminated even if the motor needs to be removed. ChamberLink further reduces maintenance time since seal failure is eliminated.
This approach does away with drawbacks of other alternatives: Using a standard rotary feedthrough requires O-rings or ferrofluid sealing for the penetrating shaft. And with a magnetic feedthrough there is no direct connection compared to the harmonic drive.
ChamberLink (top) and PowerHub actuators are intended for semiconductor fabrication as well as other industrial applications.

PowerHub is a compact, hollow-shaft brushless robotic actuator with ‘zero-backlash’ capability, according to the manufacturer. PowerHub brings together the compactness, packaging, and performance benefits of a direct drive with the control and low-cost features of geared drives. Unusual in geared servo actuators, the hollow shaft permits convenient access for wiring and vacuum lines to external end-effect devices through the actuator’s center. PowerHub offers sub-arc-minute accuracy and will be available in 100 W and 200 W sizes

Both ChamberLink and PowerHub actuators will be demonstrated at Hannover Fair 2000, March 20-25 (Hall 17, Booth F63).

Harmonic Drive Technologies is a manufacturer of harmonic drive gearheads, component gearsets, and complete harmonic drive actuators for industries such as, factory automation, semiconductors, medical, and aerospace.

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