Verano launches Linux-based platform to manage plant operations

Mansfield, MA—Verano introduced Jan. 13 its Performux software, which is designed to cooperate with Verano's Instant Awareness software to provide users with intelligence about production status, asset utilization and operational alerts.

By Control Engineering Staff January 15, 2003

Mansfield, MA— Verano cess industries with a secure, low cost of ownership, Internet-enabled means of managing critical industrial operations.

Performux’s real-time abilities are designed to provide plant managers and senior executives with up-to-the minute information across widely distributed assets. Its wireless capabilities enable receiving alerts at remote locations, permitting near immediate actions to be taken to respond to critical market drivers such as production outages or real-time pricing events.

Performux is built on Red Hat Linux Advanced Server software, which is reported to be the first Linux platform designed expressly for and certified by enterprise software vendors. Performux also has strong ties to Unix because it is based on Verano’s SCADA platform, RTAP/i—Real-Time Application Platform.

In the U.K.’s power industry, for example, Innogy and Thales Information Systems have been working together for several years using Verano’s RTAP software product. ‘This technology has proven to be a powerful platform for our fully integrated plant control system (APMS), helping power plants to refurbish and stay ahead of competitors,’ says Andrew Lichnowski, manager of Innogy’s Process Control Systems Group.

‘We’re very pleased to see Verano continue to stay at the forefront of technology by releasing erformux,’ adds Allan Crewe, Thales’ technical director. ‘Performux can enable the continued cost-effective and secure implementation of APMS, now on a wide-range of different sized systems, from high-end servers to low-end PCs.’

Brian Ahern, Verano’s president and ceo, adds that, ‘All of our customers using commercial Unix are seriously evaluating Linux as a new operating system platform because of its computing power, portability and scalability. Combined with the security, high performance and reliability of Linux, Performux delivers the information customers need to make timely decisions, without the traditional barriers of time, media or location.’

Performux’s other features include:

Real-time data management and visualization engine with built in web services;

Sophisticated alarm and event management;

Dedicated thick client HMI visualization in addition to Web-based display;

Ability to link to the enterprise utilizing Verano’s Enterprise Link;

Interfaces to legacy plant devices;

Java application interface and C/C++ API for developers.

Control Engineering Daily News DeskDave Harrold, senior