Webcast: IIOT Integration Considerations

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promotes intelligent devices and systems by sharing information and awareness among systems and the humans that use them. Integrated networking, security, cyber security practices and technologies help enable these connected systems. Learn from industry experts.

By CFE Media December 17, 2015

Learning objectives:

  • Understand why Ethernet, originally viewed as unsuitable for industrial networking, is emerging as a key to IIoT.
  • See how software technologies used to provide commercial cloud services are relevant to industrial applications
  • Learn about important attributes in technologies that help software engineers write mobile applications for industrial projects.
  • Understand IoT hype and IIoT
  • Compare IIoT vs. Industry 4.0 and the future of IIoT 
  • Examine IIoT deployment considerations, with sample IIoT successes and failures
  • Assess practical IIoT recommendations for increasing productivity

Speaker: Mike Richmond is executive director of the Open Interconnect Consortium, a group of 100 organizations creating cloud-native software standards for the Internet of Things. He has 15 years experience in open source software, and, at a major chip manufacturer, led efforts in Web technologies and HTML 5, participated in expansion of Ethernet to 100 mbit/sec, and managed board and operating system products. He also advanced the computer architecture at a minicomputer company with a strong presence in industrial automation.

Speaker: Allan “Mike” Peters is manager business development at M2M-Access, a division of Onyx Engineering -M2M-Access specializes in systems integration and custom solution builds within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space. He has helped numerous companies adopt technologies that have positively influenced bottom lines and helped maintain or expand market share. He developed an economic development strategy for Ontario’s largest natural gas utility and managed that program for 5 years before venturing into the private sector.

Moderator: Mark T. Hoske is content manager for Control Engineering, which is part of CFE Media, along with Plant Engineering, Oil & Gas Engineering, and other publications.

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