Wireless podcast: What’s the killer application for your plant?

New technology doesn't become popular until there is an application that makes it compelling.

By Control Engineering Staff March 5, 2008

Unless you love technology for it’s own sake, you probably won’t use wireless in your plant until you have a specific purpose in mind. In a new podcast, Peter Zornio and Bob Karschnia from Emerson Process Management look at wireless “killer apps” that could give you new ideas. ( .)

Zornio, chief strategic officer, and Karschnia, technology VP for the Rosemount division, consider how major technology advances have changed our lives, both on an industrial and consumer level. For example, the Internet didn’t make any large scale penetration into our offices and homes without its first major application: email. Without that, there was little reason to have a connection. So it will be with wireless. For all the effort that Emerson has put into developing the technology, the company knows wireless will never gain acceptance without the applications that create value for users like you.

What wireless applications will get your attention? Instrumentation? Video? Security and alarm functions? With the right applications, wireless will take on the same “how did we ever get along without it?” effect.

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—Peter Welander, process industries editor, PWelander@cfemedia.com ,
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