Wonderware launches production events module for traceability, historical data management

Lake Forest, CA—Wonderware has released a new Production Events Module (PEM) for the Industrial Application Server.

By Control Engineering Staff July 12, 2005

Lake Forest, CA— Wonderware has released a new Production Events Module (PEM) for the Industrial Application Server. This functional module is designed to be scalable, and support manufacturers’ production and performance standardization efforts across control and supervisory systems. Wonderware is a business unit of Invensys Systems Inc.

The company says PEM enables creation of applications to record production events, which are critical to understanding product and process history for reporting, quality, and product management. Manufacturers can also use it to capture information on the forward and backward genealogy of materials and create reports on this information. In addition, PEM can be used to identify which equipment and personnel were used in production and relevant production events. This information can then be related to a lot, batch, or serial number.

xpanded to accommodate system and functional expansions. These PEM features enable users to take an incremental and flexible approach to increasing application functionality as requirements evolve.

‘While PEM can be applied across a variety of industries, including automotive, electronics, metals, telecommunications, utilities, and oil and gas plants, Wonderware has seen significant interest already from key customers in food and beverage,’ says Claus Madsen Abildgren, PEM’s product marketing manager. ‘For food and beverage manufacturers who are faced with increasing governmental and institutional requirements for traceability, PEM facilitates a rapid, economical response to unforeseen production events, such as product recalls.

“In addition to enabling manufacturers to fulfill regulatory requirements for documentation of products and production processes, the fact that PEM can record detailed and accurate information about what is happening to materials, products, and processes also empowers manufacturers to determine true manufacturing costs per product. Users also can improve production processes by more effectively using existing manufacturing resources. It can identify both the root causes of production losses and opportunities for increased profitability.’

PEM for the Industrial Application Server is built on the ArchestrA industrial software architecture. This comprehensive industrial automation and information software architecture was designed to extend the life of legacy systems by leveraging the latest software technologies. PEM, similar to other Wonderware offerings built on the ArchestrA architecture, empowers decision-makers to achieve their business goals without abandoning prior investments in automation systems, production processes or intellectual property.

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