XperTune and Ipcos partner

By Control Engineering Staff February 2, 2006

ExperTune Inc . and Ipcos have an agreement to provide performance-supervision and process-optimization solutions for Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Ipcos has over 200 man-years experience in advanced control applications.

“The combination of expert talent, leveraged with best-in-class software, has been proven to accelerate optimization efforts,” says John Gerry, president and founder of ExperTune Inc. Christiaan Moons, managing director of Ipcos, adds “(we have) chosen ExperTune because of their proven solution for plant performance supervision. Plant-performance supervision systems are indispensable for the industry to be competitive in the market. It is crucial that the control system is performing well before implementing advanced control. PlantTriage makes a perfect fit with the services and software solutions (we) already deliver to the industry.”

Some of the services offered by the partnership include:

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— Richard Phelps, senior editor, Control Engineering richard.phelps@reedbusiness.com