You need 2 monitors: This Website will prove it

Larger monitors and/or dual computer displays can increase user productivity by eliminating toggling between applications. A new Ergotron Website has productivity resources to quantify that.

By Control Engineering Staff August 14, 2008

St. Paul, MN – According to research, larger monitors and/or dual computer displays can increase user productivity by eliminating toggling between applications. You already know that, but management is unconvinced. A new Website from Ergotron features free “productivity resources” that will help you make your case and score the flat-panel monitor(s) of your dreams.
Ergotron says ergonomics research over the past 20 years has consistently shown that workstations adjusted to fit the user can result in an 18% productivity increase—whether one uses a single- or multiple-display configuration—and the need for ergonomically adjustable components becomes more pronounced when several people share a space.

Ergotron’s Website

A 2003 study by the University of Utah, NEC and ATI Technologies found that multiple screens substantially outperform the single monitor in productivity and usability with 33% fewer errors, 45% better task tracking, and 32% better task performance.
“The industry data on the benefits of using multiple displays is conclusive,” says Jane Payfer, vice president of marketing for Ergotron. “The findings confirm what Ergotron has known all along: that comfort, usability and productivity are inter-related.”
To promote the efficiency and workflow advantages of using multiple displays—as well as the use of its monitor stands that accommodate multiple displays—Ergotron has created the Dare2Dual promotion. It starts with the Website, www.dare2dual.ergotron, and adds a dual monitor Productivity Payback Calculator , video testimonials and other tools.
A YouTube video spotlights a product tester who dreams of a Wild West dual monitor duel .
“Through our Dare2Dual promotion, we intend to heighten consumer and industry awareness of the benefits of using multiple screens, not just the positive effect on productivity, but also on workplace health and wellness,” says Payfer. “With minimal investment, businesses can yield demonstrable results that can be seen in healthier employees and a stronger bottom line.”
Founded in 1982 by Harry Sweere, Ergotron engineers hold more than 35 patents related to its portfolio of products for computer monitors, notebooks, and large flat panel displays and TVs.

– Edited by Renee Robbins , senior editor
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