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AI and Machine Learning June 25, 2023

Machine learning tool accelerates polymer discovery

University of Wisconsin-Madison mechanical engineers have quickly discovered several high-performance polymers using machine learning techniques.

By Adam Malecek
AI and Machine Learning June 10, 2023

Researcher improving safety for autonomous systems

A University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher is working to establish a theoretical framework and design control algorithms to ensure the safety of autonomous systems with machine learning components.

By Adam Malecek
Courtesy: Michael Wehner, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Robotics February 7, 2022

Sensing method developed for soft robots

University of Wisconsin researchers have developed a system of passive sensors that can sense the entire state of a soft robot with less cost and complexity. See video.

By Adam Malecek
Process Instrumentation and Sensors November 17, 2020

Squeeze-twist coupling material strengthens actuators

University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers have made an asymmetric material that twists, which could help advance actuator technology.

By Adam Malecek
PPE April 21, 2020

Engine emission researchers retool to identify effective N95 mask alternatives

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are leveraging tools used to measure the particulate from combustion engines to measure the filtration efficiency for alternative N95 masks to help improve supply during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Adam Malecek
Robotics April 16, 2020

Researchers use magnetic fields to control soft robotics

University of Wisconsin researchers have developed a method for using magnetic fields to remotely induce soft composite materials to rearrange their internal structure into a variety of new patterns.

By Adam Malecek
AI and Machine Learning December 6, 2019

Researchers making autonomous systems safer for challenging applications

A researcher at the University of Wisconsin is developing better control algorithms for autonomous systems that provide safety guarantees while maintaining those systems’ performance.

By Adam Malecek
Cybersecurity October 18, 2019

Strengthening nuclear security with computational tools

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are using machine learning methods that could allow scientists to strengthen nuclear security by giving scientists on the ground vital information quickly.

By Adam Malecek
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