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Industrial PCs February 23, 2024

Technique could quantum sensing device sensitivity

MIT researchers have developed a method that helps identify and control larger numbers of atomic-scale defects, to build a bigger system of qubits.

By Adam Zewe
AI and Machine Learning November 28, 2023

How generative AI works and helps engineers

How do powerful generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems like ChatGPT work, and what makes them different from other types of AI?

By Adam Zewe
Robotics November 21, 2023

How language gives robots a better grasp of an open-ended world

By blending 2D images with foundation models to build 3D feature fields, a new MIT method helps robots understand and manipulate nearby objects with open-ended language prompts.

By Adam Zewe
AI and Machine Learning November 14, 2023

Techniques efficiently accelerate sparse tensors for generative AI models

Researchers from MIT and NVIDIA developed two complementary techniques that could dramatically boost the speed and performance of computing applications such as generative AI.

By Adam Zewe
AI and Machine Learning October 24, 2023

Generative AI technique helps robots pack objects into a tight space

MIT researchers developed a technique that coaxed a family of generative AI models to work together to solve multistep robot manipulation problems.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics October 17, 2023

Finger-shaped sensor enables more dexterous robots

MIT engineers develop a long, curved touch sensor that could enable a robot to grasp and manipulate objects in multiple ways.

By Adam Zewe
Industrial PCs September 29, 2023

Qubit circuit enables quantum operations with higher accuracy

MIT researchers' advances help bring quantum error correction a step closer to reality and make them almost 100% accurate.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics September 6, 2023

AI technique helps robots manipulate objects with their whole bodies

A technique has been developed that lets a robot to reason efficiently about moving objects using more than just its fingertips. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Robotics August 3, 2023

Machine-learning method developed to make controlling robots easier

Researchers developed a machine-learning technique that can efficiently learn to control a robot, leading to better performance with less data required.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics July 25, 2023

Teaching robots to perform tasks faster

MIT researchers developed a framework that helps a nontechnical user understand why a robot failed and fine-tune it with minimal effort to perform a task effectively.

By Adam Zewe
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