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Cybersecurity August 1, 2018

IIoT: Connecting industrial intelligence

Industrial internet can help operations and production be intelligent, high-efficiency, and flexible. Industrial network cybersecurity can help protect the industrial control system (ICS). Tools are available to enhance interoperability of real-time data transmission.

By Aileen Jin, Control Engineering China
Cybersecurity April 23, 2015

Industry information security, the next forefront?

Facing the increasingly severe information security issue of industrial control systems, the Chinese government has established a “Central Network Security and Informatization Leading Group” led by President Xi Jinping to raise network security to the national strategic level. The industrial information security market expects accelerated growth in the future, according to Control Engineering China.

By Aileen Jin, Control Engineering China
System Integration April 10, 2015

Profit vs. environment: What’s the impact of the new Chinese environmental protection law?

Environmental Protection Law of China has been officially implemented on Jan. 1. It might have a negative impact on the old manufacturing and process control sectors and open new doors for green engineering investments in existing plants and in automation, controls, instrumentation, and technology retrofits, according to Control Engineering China. It is projected that the investment in China’s atmosphere, water, and soil protection will be close to $1 trillion.

By Aileen Jin, Control Engineering China
PLCs, PACs April 1, 2007

Foreign investors take on China

Control Engineering China has monitored the rise of the Chinese manufacturing market since the magazine began in 2003. It has also seen parallel growth in the automation industry. According to Ma Xiu Hong, vice minister of the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, more than 570,000 companies from 200 countries have invested in China, and total capital has reached US$665 ...

By Aileen Jin, Control Engineering China
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