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Energy, Power May 14, 2015

Touch panel PCs and M2M HMIs for embedded machine vision, image processing

American Industrial Systems' (AIS) Industry 4.0 Touch Panel PCs and M2M HMI panels are designed for embedded machine vision applications and deliver 2D or 3D image processing and feature high performance processors, Ethernet and serial interfaces.

By American Industrial Systems
Industrial PCs April 14, 2015

PC- and web-based HMI and operator interface panels

American Industrial Systems' (AIS) PC-based automation and operator interface panels and Web-based HMI operator interface panels are designed to interface with 3rd party HMI and SCADA software packages.

By American Industrial Systems
Industrial PCs January 16, 2015

Touch panel PCs for IIoT market

American Industrial Systems' (AIS) three series of touch panel PCs—Premium, Standard, and Value—are designed to solve control and monitoring requirements for IIoT, Industry 4.0 and M2M applications.

By American Industrial Systems
Sponsored April 16, 2013

What’s New In Multi Touch Technology?

This White Paper explains multi touch technology and its benefits over single touch.

By American Industrial Systems
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