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Anne Wainscott-Sargent, Georgia Institute of Technology


A researcher helping a participant put on the fully wearable multimodal knee brace for collection of physiological data to assess knee health. This multimodal knee brace will be used to detect inflammation levels as well as disease activity levels for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. (Photo credit: John Berkebile, Georgia Tech)
Edge and Cloud Computing March 30, 2022

Collaboration on research projects for edge computing, internet and more

Georgia Tech Technology is pursuing 30 quick-turn research projects that touch on key priority areas such as internet for the future, capabilities at the edge, and optimized application experiences.

By Anne Wainscott-Sargent
Energy, Power April 20, 2021

Leveraging the 5G network to wirelessly power IoT devices

Turning 5G networks into a wireless power grid for Internet of Things (IoT) devices that need batteries to operate could eliminate them altogether down the road.

By Anne Wainscott-Sargent
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