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Electrical December 1, 2019

EC series by Apem, Inc.

APEM’s EC series emergency stop switch has an integrated connector for easy mounting.

By Apem, Inc.
PLM, Control Design May 11, 2016

Ergonomic game-style controller for remote-controlled applications

Apem's PC Series is an ergonomic game style pendant controller is designed to accommodate Apem's TS Series miniature proportional joystick and is ideal for controlling unmanned vehicles, robotics and other remote controlled applications.

By Apem, Inc.
Process Safety April 26, 2016

Pushbuttons for impact resistance and sealing

Apem has added three models to their AV series of pushbutton switches and are designed to withstand adversity such as rain, frost, ultraviolet rays, and vandalism.

By Apem, Inc.
Process Safety July 9, 2015

Snap-in pushbutton for industrial applications

Apem's FP26 is a 26mm snap-in pushbutton that comes with an illuminated option and in single and double pole and is designed for dimly lit applications such as instrumentation, security, medical, and industrial automation.

By Apem, Inc.
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